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1.  Discussed fundraising ideas with a committee before setting up a sale

                -Expectations of sellers/fundraiser

                                  How much needs to be raised?

                                  How many subs need to be sold by each seller to reach the goal?

               -Discuss selling dates/delivery dates - have a few options in mind.

               -Prices for the items

               -Discuss incentives ideas

               -Discuss Advertising

               -Volunteer needs

2.  Call (616-531-5610) or email ( Kelli to set up your sub sale                     and reserve your delivery/pick up date.

3,  Prepare advertising and incentive programs

           - Posters, emails and flyers 

4.  Flyers will be mailed out by Frandale 1-2 weeks prior to the sale.  A PDF of the order                    forms for email distribution is available  upon request.

5.  Selling Begins!  Sales are typically 2-3 weeks.  Money is collect by seller at time of sale.

6.  Order forms and money are turned in to the organizer at the end of the sale.

7.  Organizer tallies all orders.

8.  Organizer turns in a Totals Form to Frandale a few days following end of sale (this date             is set up with Frandale).  Organizer collects late orders and completes tally sheet                   during these few days.

9.   Delivery date/time/location is set 10-14 days after final order is emailed.

10.  Set up tables.  A min. of three tables is usually needed but depends on size of sale.  For           larger sales, use signs for your tables.

11.  Plan for approximately a 15-30 minute for delivery depending on size of sale.  Money is           due at delivery.  Bags will be available.

12.  Volunteers should arrive immediately AFTER delivery.  This will allow organize and                   Frandale to organize items and make sure the order is correct.  If volunteers arrive                     early, they may be waiting around while delivery is completed.

13.  Frandale is available to discuss distribution instructions for volunteers if needed.

14.  Distribution by organization begins.  Accuracy is very important.

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