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A - Baked Apple Pie
Cinnamon seasoned apple slices
covered in a baked pastry sheet.
A classic!

B - Baked Bluebery Pie
Juicy blueberries wrapped in a pastry shell and baked homemade fresh!

C - Baked Cherry Pie
Tender pie pastry filled with sweet cherries baked until golden brown.

D - Baked Rhubarb Pie
Perfect for your next holiday gathering. 
A freshly baked pastry filled with tart 

E - Peanut Butter Pie
Smooth creamy peanut butter filling in a tender, flaky crust.


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F - Apple Dumplings
4 Delicious apples wrapped in a fluffy biscuit, smothered in a maple brown sugar sauce.


G - Cinnamon Rolls
4 cinnamon rolls with a cream cheese frosting.

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